Que se joda todo el mundo

Últimamente me he sentido fascinado por la inclasificable música de los sudafricanos Die Antwoord.

Una las mejores descripciones que he leído en los cientos de artículos sobre ellos que se pueden leer por la red es esta:

Like pirates and highwaymen, like punk fashion cultural provocateurs Vivien Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, Die Antwoord has penetrated our collective subconscious. Holding a mirror to a society is never easy. In the glare of the mass media, assumed stupidity can easily become real stupidity; irony is flattened out and you become the very thing you are trying to satirise or transcend. Their “Zef” vibes are at once too ironic to be acceptable, and yet too earnest and visionary for the kind of ironic acceptance the 21st century revels in. Their music is at once too weird to be taken up by a mainstream audience but also too pop to please serious critics looking for informed oppositional politics.

Yet, despite their pre-sexual los-lyf porn plundering, despite their love for common South African “Zef” culture, their Leon Schuster-style humour, their kitsch referencing of American gansta rap and their dodgy Cape Colour coon black-face parody, Die Antwoord remain a complex, contradictory phenomenon. Within an increasingly simplistic, monolithic media, which imposes stupidity from above, they show us that we don’t have to take this shit. They prove that bad taste is at its heart kind of love, love for human nature. It’s discomforting, filthy and hilarious, but it’s also potentially the long-neglected first step in reflecting a culture’s inner psychology, no matter how scary. As Yo-landi sang it simply, “I fink u freeky, but I like you a lot.” Die Antwoord: Defending the caveman (and woman)

Ciertamente son muy difíciles de explicar. Su fascinación por la suciedad, las ratas, los tíos desdentados, los “freaks” salidos como de un revival de Tod Browning, los pijamas de animales de cuerpo entero, su actitud iconoclasta, hay que verlo y oirlo. Sin haber estado nunca sudáfrica seguro que nos perdemos casi todas sus referencias, pero aún así merece la pena el show.


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